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Here at Quipo we combine the latest digital technologies with a traditional peer network to provide a winning strategy to project delivery in the FinTech industry.

Why we are different

The network is at the heart of what we do and we are committed to making it accessible to all, whether via your mobile or browser, or face-to-face. We have a database bursting with useful articles, and we organise regular events where our members can meet informally and share information. We are currently working on a full suite of tools for both candidates and clients, so watch this space!

The network is a fundamental part of our new approach to recruiting the unique ecosystem of specialists upon which large financial centres rely. We have used the digital arena to create the ideal space for matching project needs to the right candidates, allowing our network, delivery experts and recruitment specialists to work seamlessly together. This expertly-crafted process offers greater transparency, lower costs and increased liquidity but, more than this, it deepens client-consultant relationships and allows long-term common objectives to be developed. We have built all of this on the firm foundation of our well-established and highly-valued partnerships with investment banks and consultancies, which give us the in-depth knowledge that we need to accelerate our clients’ IT project deliveries. Find out more about how we can help you in our information for candidates and clients.

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