Quipo represents a new and better approach to project delivery

Quipo is the brainchild of a team of delivery consultants with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering complex projects in the world of investment banking. They include experts who have worked since the 1990s for the vendors that developed some of the most successful commercial platforms currently available. They were closely involved with implementing and then migrating these infrastructures through years of technical and business revolutions, and the entirely new landscape that was created in the wake of the financial crisis.

Now we are facing an even greater challenge: the emergence of artificial intelligence as a credible replacement for human labour. It’s time for a new style of delivery that can meet these transformations head-on. We pooled our ideas and expertise, and Quipo was born.

Our vision

The financial industry is at a turning point. Banks are facing a number of historical challenges which have seen them subject to suffocating regulatory pressure and struggling with the continuous reduction of their profit margins. 

The resultant drive to reduce costs, sometimes at the expense of delivery targets, has led to massive offshoring initiatives that have relied on large consultancy solutions. This model threatens our jobs as financial technology consultants, but it is far from efficient, often failing to produce the deep transformation projects that are needed to rationalise ageing bank infrastructure.

We can deliver faster and work on a greater number of strategic infrastructure projects, reducing the long-term cost of innovation and maintenance.

Enter Quipo, a game-changing venture that will create long-term partnerships for the benefit of banks, consultancies and permanent employees alike. Our overarching goal is to transform bank infrastructure so that it is equipped to deal with the new political, regulatory and technological landscape. This has become urgent in an environment in which the GAFAs are already ‘big data’-enabled and have the capacity to compete with even large-scale financial operations.

Our new delivery model

  1. Does not rely on aligning the blended rate to existing paradigms but is in fact the product of blended rate time to effort
  2. Means we can deliver faster and work on a greater number of strategic infrastructure projects
  3. Reduces the long-term cost of innovation and maintenance

It is true that we will have to work against the current ‘low-cost’ culture, and there will certainly be plenty of convincing to do, but this approach has and will deliver complex projects where existing solutions have failed.

Take, for example, our DevOps solutions, which offer a detailed review of your SDLC, a reduction of your technical debt, and a practical approach to tooling, which in many cases has become a smokescreen for organisations to mask what remains a poor and ageing core infrastructure.

Transforming commercial software together

The industry is changing and, with it, the nature of the work that we are being asked to do. We are already seeing a move towards projects that tackle regulatory challenges and modify new technology. These often focus on modelisation and prediction, but include fields as diverse as cloud enablement, mobile business and application, and data science and artificial intelligence.

Our extensive experience in conducting complex changes with Murex, Summit, Calypso and Sophis means that we are uniquely well-placed to manage such transitions towards these new domains. Together, we will transform commercial software, and bespoke and vendor solutions, and we will manage the externalisation and internalisation of trading functions. Uniting our own research and development with the expertise of our partners, Quipo is at the forefront of this innovation, and we want to share it with you.

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