Our partners

Whilst there are accelerators out there that promise to match our projects to the necessary innovations, they must also speed up delivery and meet our requirements with as rapid a turnover as possible. Our associates have developed solutions that are integrated to the leading vendor platforms, and are ready for use now.

Quipo Network supports and promotes solutions that are generating the changes that are essential to rejuvenate the banking industry and its operating model.


InfoTrie is based in Paris, and provides services for financial products, investment platforms and InfoTrie technologies (machine learning, big data real-time architecture and data science in trading). It is part of InfoTrie, a big data, financial engineering and news analytics company with headquarters in Singapore. InfoTrie has been involved with Quipo since the very early days, and agrees with our conviction that the financial consulting market needs:

  • Transparency for all parties;
  • A collaborative approach enabled by a peer network;
  • The capability to adopt technological changes such as GAFA-standard tools, block chain, big data and artificial intelligence. 

Together, we have built a strong and active partnership on the foundation of these shared values.

IB Boost - ORQA

ORQA is the market-leading automation solution, as created by IB Boost, and can be used to automate testing activities and/or data transformation procedures. What makes ORQA different from other automation products is that it is accessible to non-developers, and allows them to achieve higher levels of automation for many different aspects of a project (including reconciliation, data migration, testing, configuration deployment and batch management).


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