We match clients with the right candidates to deliver complex projects in the world of investment banking across a wide range of markets.

Putting the candidate back at the centre of the recruitment process

Quipo was founded in the belief that hiring in the financial technology industry could, and should, be done better.

Everything that we do at Quipo is designed to put the candidate back where they belong: at the centre of the hiring process. Our peer network means that we have an entire community who can vouch for a candidate’s skills, bringing in experienced consultants who clients can rely on to be more than the sum of their CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

Candidates can also rely on our recruitment team to help them understand the client’s end objectives and culture, and to support them in building an active and constructive long-term partnership with that client.

Collaborative Recruitment 

At Quipo, the recruitment process begins before we are approached by the client.

Quipo is inspired not just by the technology that powers our online applications and portals but by the ‘classic’ recruitment styles of the past, when ‘headhunting’ was a process that began with getting to know people personally and professionally.

We also advise our candidates on retraining schemes, be they for new technologies, such as data science, deep learning and DevOps, or for different vendor platforms.

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Running our recruitment process like a delivery project

Here at Quipo we run our recruitment processes with the same seriousness and professionalism that our candidates and clients bring to project delivery. 

By using project management tools that are well-established in the industry, and which operate as a collaborative platform on either mobiles or browsers, we then significantly decrease the hiring process overhead, and increase the likelihood of finding the right candidate for the job.

Three reasons to trust Quipo with your recruitment project

  • Our network and in-depth knowledge of our candidates provide the ideal platform for finding the right consultant for your project
  • We build long-term relationships between candidates and clients, creating a culture of knowledge and trust that fosters the ideal conditions for delivering complex projects
  • We offer collaborative online project management tools that really work, making it easier to build a job description and reducing your overheads

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