With Quipo, you can rest easy knowing that we facilitate the best conditions for delivering complex projects. Discover how our processes, born of many years’ experience, can simplify project delivery and help you to stay on time and on budget.

1High-Quality Teams

Access a network of highly skilled IT finance consultants

Quipo Network gives you access to the kind of high-quality candidates who are otherwise hard to reach. You won’t find them on LinkedIn or job portals, and they steer clear of generic offers from recruiters. They choose Quipo because they value long-term engagements and stable employment. In turn, we ensure that all our members have the drive to deliver successful IT projects and build long-term partnerships with clients.

You can’t beat independent expertise, particularly in time-critical complex projects. Quipo provides the solution to a market where clients have traditionally only had access to a small pool of candidates, and have struggled to find the right people for the job. Big integrators provide only a partial solution to delivering large integration projects. We can put you in touch with the significant number of senior IT consultants who choose not to advertise themselves via conventional channels, giving you the edge when it matters.
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2Cost-Efficient Projects

Our unique 15% margin is fair and transparent

In an industry based on off-shore development, you can rely on us to provide local expertise at its current market value. We publish an index of our daily rates per location, role, seniority and vendor platform every quarter. This means that you can trust us to offer a fair market price for access to our candidate pool.

Strong local expertise is vital in an environment more and more development teams are being located off-shore. Whether it is to provide coordination between multi-location teams or to ensure sustainable knowledge transfer, access to a team of local experts at current market prices has never been so important. This is what Quipo provides.
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Time-Value Management

With Quipo as your partner, you can access the specialists that you need at critical junctures for your project. With input from our senior delivery experts on vendor platforms (Murex, Summit, Calypso, Sophis) and specialist domains (Risk, DevOps, Data Science, Product Design), we determine a time-value management resource ramp-up for your project. We bring in highly-skilled consultants to jump-start projects and then supervise roll-out once each aspect of the work has been devised.

In the rapidly changing landscape of finance, mandatory version upgrades, regulatory modules and transformation projects all require delivery and product expertise that is not always available within a company’s internal team. When you need to create a local delivery pyramid to manage off-shore specialist teams during periods of transition, Quipo is there for you.
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DevOps Solutions

By unifying the development and operations components of our projects, we ensure that they are delivered as fast and successfully as possible. Our DevOps solutions are based on our vendor experiences and knowledge of Agile methodologies, and are a central component of our forward-thinking and efficient approach to IT recruitment.

We know that our clients need to design and build solutions that show results, deliver end benefits to stakeholders, and demonstrate positive IRR. Work with us, and we will show you how you can achieve this with in-depth re-structuring of SDLCs onto coherent technology stacks that provide scalability from initial local proof of concept and prototyping, to end solution live deployment.
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3Fast and Easy Hiring

Building a better job description has never been so simple

Here at Quipo we offer a ready-to-use, customisable Job Description Builder for different types of projects and profiles. We are also working on a client tool that will accelerate the process of creating job descriptions, matching them against our database, and performing skills assessments in a standardised way that still takes each bank’s specific needs into account. Combined with the know-how provided by our specialist recruitment and senior delivery teams, we represent the perfect blend of experience and user-friendly technology.

It is easy to dismiss the hiring process as an exercise conducted at the beginning of the year, or as an occasional necessity in a project’s life cycle. But planning your hiring needs as early as possible is vital to your success. It ensures that the correct resourcing profile is created and the project ramp-up is properly managed, and it allows you to anticipate how you will assign key hires. Quipo’s Job Description Builder streamlines what could be a time-consuming process by identifying the essential skills and level of expertise required for each project. Work with us, and let us make your life easy.
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Powerful tools to track and manage the hiring process every step of the way

We are all used to IT projects being managed via collaborative platforms that offer project management and tracking tools as standard. So why should recruitment and hiring be different? We founded Quipo because, like 95% of the hiring managers to whom we talked, we believe that recruitment should be handled like any other IT project. Not only do we use project management tools like Jira, but we have created a user-friendly client portal where you can track the status of your project, assess the quality and quantity of candidates, and instantly make comments, amendments and requests to an assigned recruiter.

When we spoke to hiring managers worldwide we found a huge desire for an increase in the overall quality of the recruitment process. Quipo meets this need head-on. We conduct all of our recruitment activities like projects, and allow you to track our progress and measure our success. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!
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