Why Quipo is the right FinTech recruiter for you


Our unique 15% margin is fair and transparent

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Our openness about what we charge clients is unique in the recruitment industry, and means that you can trust our advice when it comes to setting a day rate. Benchmarking your market value, and discussing with you and the client how you can make yourself stand out at the interview stage, is all part of the service.

The fact that our clients already know what we will charge them gives you the upper hand over competitors. By making your day rate completely transparent you can focus on discussing your skills and experience, and neither you nor the client’s hiring manager need worry about an undisclosed agency fee.
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2Great financial benefits

We’re better off together

Quipo allows you to make the most of a generous referral scheme, and offers a range of excellent tier benefits. We can provide dedicated tax and legal guidance via accredited specialists working in our industry, and advice on how and why you should pursue a contracting career in finance. We work together as a community to negotiate discounts for health insurance, mortgages and benefits in kind.

We believe that referral schemes, which are now commonplace for direct bank employees, should be enjoyed by niche consultant specialists as well. Everyone benefits from the performance culture and timely delivery that such close peer relationships and long-term perspectives encourage. So if your referral leads to a colleague joining you on a project you will receive a monthly reward throughout their period of employment.

More than this, Quipo represents a new approach to an industry whose members have a high net worth but who lack unified representation when it comes to pensions, health insurance and mortgages. We provide strength in numbers and financial leverage when it comes to re-training fees, working abroad, and repatriation of pensions and health benefits in the post-Brexit era.
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3A unique FinTech network

Run by and for you

Quipo Network offers a unique professional space, specially created for those of us who work in IT financial services. You can follow our active professional community online, but you can also meet us face-to-face at local events or simply over drinks. Share information, stories and opportunities, and you will be rewarded both professionally and financially for creating stronger relationships with your peers. If you’re tired of being a lone wolf then this is definitely for you!

We promote our network as a recognised brand via our website, social media, vendor partnerships and client representation. This, in turn, allows you to promote yourself and enhance your image, and to demonstrate your skills and experiences by contributing to and commenting on our blogs, LinkedIn articles and live events. We also organise career and CV workshops, negotiation points, and training and career advice based on the input of senior consultants, client feedback and market assessments.

We want you to engage with the network, and to share the opportunities and knowledge that you acquire as you use it to progress your career and find the position that’s right for you. If that means re-training to work on more marketable technologies or business lines, we can help you to do so at a reasonable cost, and to limit the financial impact of any resultant loss of seniority.
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