About us

Quipo is the Spanish translation of the ancient Peruvian term ‘Khipu’, which refers to the knotted, coloured strings that were used as accounting devices across the Incan empire.

We chose it as the name and logo of our company because its purpose and history serve as an apt metaphor for what we have set out to achieve. A ‘Khipu’ was an early, widely-used algorithm invented by a culture that lacked an alphabetical writing system but which still managed to govern the greatest empire in pre-Columbian America. The conquistadors, alas, had little interest in sustaining the long line of scribes and accountants who had invented this supremely efficient administrative tool. Without them, the knots were indecipherable and the entire network died. Couched in today’s language, the message that we take from this is that a sustainable future is only possible when the people who work in a company and that company’s interests are synonymous.

Naming our own network ‘Quipo’ is a statement of intent.

First, we want to give FinTech consultants the power to take back control of their careers. Second, we will help them to establish long-term partnerships with our clients so that they feel confident and in charge. Third, they will be surrounded by peers whom they know and trust. In doing of all this, we will provide a new delivery model: one based on smaller teams, stronger bonds, and a determination to meet deadlines.

How Quipo was born

In mid-2017 several Summit, Murex and Calypso specialists who had worked together for 20 years decided to create a company that would offer banks, large consultancies and vendors’ professional services a new, very different solution to FinTech recruitment and delivery. Quipo was result. Together, we mapped out four key strategies:

  1. Significantly reduce on-shore costs so that strong, sustainable delivery teams can be established
  2. Attract talent by offering a transparent margin scheme to both clients and consultants, replacing high-value margins with high-volume margins
  3. Promote business development within our close-knit team via a generous referral policy
  4. Reward associates for delivering on time and at cost

Using this fresh approach, we plan to expand the Quipo team, and to work with new and existing clients. We will offer long-term incentives to clients who are ready to invest in an alternative form of contractual engagement; one that includes long cycles of remote work, guaranteed work agreements, and junior and graduate tutoring schemes that will allow newer members of staff to take over from more experienced (and expensive) consultants once it makes sense for them to do so, creating a sound medium-term return for the client.

Quipo is a community that is designed to grow, to create a strong brand that clients can rely on, and to be recognised on social media. More than all of this, though, we aim to prove that a local delivery model, founded upon longstanding relationships with clients, and on dynamic and innovative forms of engagement, can deliver core projects, and do so more quickly and strategically than is currently possible.

Why now?

Banks are facing a series of historic challenges which have seen them subject to suffocating regulatory pressure and struggling with the continuous reduction of their profit margins. The resultant drive to reduce costs has led to massive offshoring initiatives that have relied on large consultancy solutions. This model is, however, far from efficient, often failing to produce the deep transformation projects that are needed to rationalise ageing bank infrastructure.

Large scale off–shore initiatives often fail to deliver when it comes to deep transformation projects.

With Quipo, there is no compromise between cost reduction and delivery. Small- to medium-sized consultancies in the world of trading technology generally take one of two forms; either they are comprised of a number of junior employees under the direction of few professional technologists or they are run by a restricted group of sales person who tackle none of the deliveries themselves and do not take on any of the risk. We believe that Quipo represents a much better way of doing things.

The team

Jean-Fabrice Detard Managing Associate

Jean-Fabrice is an experienced Programme Manager on Trading, Risk and Regulatory large transformation for Investment Banks.  He has worked in New York, London, Paris and Munich for a variety of banks and consultancies integrating commercial vendor platforms such as Summit Fusion, Murex and Orchestrade. 

He has recently taken an interest in data representation and graphical analysis doing BI development and integration in Python 3.6+, R, Tableau and the resilient Excel spreadsheets.

Beyond work, he enjoys free diving, alpine skiing and long boarding, but also less active hobbies such as gardening and cooking organic cuisine.

E jfd@quipo.co
Jean-Fabrice Detard

Bruno Poggi Non-executive Director

Bruno has more than 20 years experience in Corporate and Investment Banking coverage. He was MD for South Europe at Standard Chartered Bank, Head of EMEA Commercial Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and senior banker at J.P. Morgan. He has spent his entire career working with large and mid-level corporates across different sectors and markets, with a strong focus in EU and the US, addressing corporate treasury and financial risk management requirements.

Married with 2 children, he lives South West London and enjoys travelling and staying fit without neglecting a good meal with friends. When time permits he takes his adventure motorbike for a European tour.

E bp@quipo.co
Bruno Poggi

Bogdan Tudorancea Quantitative Developer

Bogdan is an experienced quantitative developer that started is career at Quanto in Bucharest working on the Summit Financial suite more than 15 years ago. Bogdan has worked in EMEA at various first tier banks mainly on Fixed Income and Credit but his experience spans across most of the asset classes and the major transformations, the industry has gone through in the financial engineering and risk areas.

Bogdan likes to spend his spare time travelling to generally sunny destination and lives in Bucharest the rest of the time.

E bt@quipo.co
Bogdan Tudorancea

Mihai-Andrei Mitrache, PhD Quantitative developer

Mihai is an experienced Quantitative Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Trained in Big Data Analytics, Behavioral Finance, Risk Management, and Quantitative Analytics, he is a change lead in a Major financial institution . Mihai has a strong understanding of financial markets topics having a Ph.D. in Economics from the School of Advanced Studies of the Romanian Academy (SCOSAAR) focused on two main subjects: Tracking financial bubbles using a model that can capture the positive and nonlinear investors feedbacks and, developing a new type of Pattern Recognition algorithm that can automatically identify market trends and price equilibrium zones. 

E mihai.mitrache@quipo.co
Mihai-Andrei Mitrache, PhD

Ana Vadillo Associate

Ana is a Senior Product Designer, UX specialist, finance and management software architect where data and workflow efficiency are the key solutions across various institutions and asset classes. You can find her book here.

Ana lives between London but travels often to Spain in order to raise her little daughter with more vitamin D than our average. As a true Londoner, she enjoys the variety of arts and cultural events around the city, but when time permits, holds her breath for a very long time underwater in pools or lakes as a freediver enthusiast.

E avp@quipo.co
Ana Vadillo

Anastasiia Vypyrailo Associate

Anastasiia is the former Head of Recruitment for a financial consultancy in Spain, and is experienced in recruiting for Java, C#, C++, Murex, Summit, and Calypso projects. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Russian. 

She has recently started running, and loves Mediterranean cuisine and socialising.

E av@quipo.co
Anastasiia Vypyrailo

Christophe Tabacznyj Associate

Christophe's career in the financial industry gained him expertise in vendor trading and risk software, including Sophis Fusion Markets/Invest, proprietary developments and system integration. He has managed the delivery of global complex solutions, platform simplification and team/supplier restructuring to clients in Europe and Asia.

When not working Christophe enjoys travelling, deepening his knowledge of science as well as watching Star Trek series.

E ct@quipo.co
Christophe Tabacznyj

Constantin Voronianu Associate

Constantin is an expert in Summit, covering areas that range from core-infrastructure and technical design to pricing and risk functional domain, including full system upgrades, integrations and greenfield development of large scale enterprise applications.

In his free time he likes running, reading a good book and sometimes watching a movie. During spring he can be seen taking care of his small vegetable garden.

E cv@quipo.co
Constantin Voronianu

Daniel Ohriniuc Associate

Daniel is an experienced Quantitative C++ Developer with over 17 years in the software and financial industry. He also specialises in Summit. His strongest financial knowledge skills are in curve generation, pricing models and risk. 

Outside of work he enjoys cycling and walking, along with less strenuous activities such as raspberry pi program development.

E do@quipo.co
Daniel Ohriniuc

Eric Nicolas Associate

Eric specialises in vendor trading software, including Sophis and Summit. He has spent several years on the editor side with responsibility in professional services across Europe. Eric runs also his own company, "InfoTrie", in France.

He spends his free time reading, going to the cinema, and playing tennis.

E en@quipo.co
Eric Nicolas

Helen Phillips Associate

Helen is the director of the "The Contract Doctor", which provides contract and compliance advice to start-up companies and SMEs. 

Her interests include travelling, reading and live music.

E hp@quipo.co
Helen Phillips

James Radley Associate

James is an industry wide recognised technical architect having designed and delivered complex infrastructure migration and transformation across Europe. He operates and runs his own company called System elegance, and partners with Quipo .

When not at work he can be found sailing, looking after his daughter, gaming and cooking.

E jr@quipo.co
James Radley

Marius Mindroc Associate

Marius spent a large part of his career on the Finastra Fusion product (ex Summit), and was a lead developer and product manager for many years. He lately specialised in Pricing and Risk integration from legacy vendor to internal solutions. 

His interests include cycling, scuba diving, drinking wine and cooking on his bbq.

E mm@quipo.co
Marius Mindroc

Philippe Rioland Associate

Philippe Rioland is an expert in interface development, test automation and Murex implementation. He has a solid track record of successful deliveries for major investment banks thanks to strong technical and project management skills. He is a founder and director of "IB Boost", the company behind the automation solution called ORQA.

E pr@quipo.co
Philippe Rioland

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